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  • The main features of the traction AGV introduced by Shenzhen UWANT Science & Technology Institute are: the exquisite design of drive module, non-skid, easy to run; the in-situ rotation of technology, one-way traction can easily achieve two-way round-trip operation; provides user-friendly client APP. Modify, set up without the need to teach suppliers, fool-style operation. Magnetic navigation technology, classic and stable, and "derailment" draw a clear line; embedded industrial-level control system, the control structure is really simple and stable; external communication with a variety of ways, with wireless remote control. Wired, wireless, Bluetooth, wifi;

    In-situ turning technology, U-turn in-situ on the line, do not need to circle; wide load selection, 50kg-500kg class, can be widely used in electronics factories, SMT workshops, clothing factories and other occasions; body with operating keys. Easy to operate (press and go, to the site automatically stop), no professional training; running speed of up to 0.8m / s, to meet the vast majority of the workshop logistics needs; body structure is strong, reasonable, can directly carry material frame, material frame and even bulk materials; Mr. Yang: 133-1695-0310 (the same number as WeChat)

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